Judgment Enforcement - NO COST & NO OBLIGATION


Capital Asset Research & Recovery is a company dedicated to enforcement of judicial judgments. We are NOT a collection company.

    Our team at Capital Asset Research & Recovery (C.A.R.R.) is comprised of over fifteen years of Asset Investigation & Recovery experience. Members of our team have been recovering assets on judgments purchased from individuals and companies.

    We developed a good working relationship with attorneys, law enforcement, P.I.s, collection companies and wide Network of Judgment Recovery Specialists throughout U.S. and have access to over 2500 Databases in which we can search for both personal and business assets.

    We conduct a thorough search for bank accounts, employment, all income sources, vehicles and vessels, aircraft, real estate and any business interest and assets and take necessary steps to legally seize, levy or garnish them!

      Any and all information is kept 100% confidential. Ne never sell or disclose any information to anyone, unless required by law. We respect everyone’s privacy and want everyone to be assured that we will only gain, use and disclose personal information for identified business purposes ONLY.

almost 80% of all judgments are never recovered.

     Your judgment may have been awarded by the court but enforcement is your responsibility.

    Capital Asset Research & Recovery can succeed when you can't! We have the resources, expertise, and ability to enforce a judgment.

How Does It Work?


First Step


We are currently accepting judgments awarded in all states.

There are no hidden charges or fees of any kind!


If you have not collected money on your judgment, we have these 3 questions for you:


           -Haven’t you waited long enough ?

.            -Isn't it TIME the justice is served ?

.                    -What will change if you do not take ACTION ?

And TIME is Passing By FAST. . .

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